BREAKING: Hillary Caught Committing TREASON – She Should Be In PRISON

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The mainstream media is trying to make it look like Donald Trump is too ignorant and reckless to be our president. However, what Hillary Clinton did during the presidential debate last night proves that it is actually HER who is too thoughtless to be our president.

During the debate, Clinton put all of our lives at risk by leaking the United States’ nuclear secrets to the entire world on live television.

As people across America tuned into the final presidential debate, they got more than they bargained for. In fact, after being asked one of the tough questions from moderator Chris Wallace, Hillary Clinton was caught committing treason on national television when she hung herself with just seven words.

Hillary Clinton has quite the extensive history of breaking the law and getting away with it. However, during last night’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Democrat nominee committed treason on national television. In response to one of many questions, she got a bit flustered and let national security secrets fly as she carelessly stated, “America’s nuclear response time is four minutes.”

I’m sure the world appreciated that little tip, but this is Hillary we’re talking about – she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. Although there’s no doubt that military officials are going to be furious when they hear what she did and push for her punishment, it will just get swept under the rug.

She didn’t even hesitate when she let the confidential information out. “The bottom line on nuclear weapons is, when the president gives the order it must be followed,” Hillary carelessly stated. “There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.

It’s clear that this woman can’t handle the pressure that the position of president requires. She can’t handle protecting sensitive information, and these repeated incidents clearly indicate how unfit she is to be president. We don’t have to worry about Russian hackers when Hillary just gives away our nation’s secrets.

Clearly, this woman is not fit to be the next president of the United States. SHARE this story if you’re voting for TRUMP!

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