BREAKING: Mike Pence Wants OFF Trump Ticket

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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was turned upside down on Friday when an audio tape leaked of him talking about women in a demeaning manner. Since then, he’s lost the endorsement of 54 Republicans, including John McCain.

Yesterday Mike Pence was nowhere to be found as the “scandal” exploded across the Liberal media. It was “mainly” speculation yesterday, but now CNN has confirmed the rumors. Pence wants out of Trump’s campaign.

Here’s what happened yesterday:
Trump was supposed to attend a rally with the top Republican in the country Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin Saturday. Paul Ryan uninvited Trump, then Pence was supposed to attend. As more Republican leaders turned against Trump and calls for Trump to drop out of the race grew more loud Mike Pence announced he was no longer going to attend that rally Saturday. The news came that he was “beside himself” after hearing the tape, and his wife was “furious”. The Pence’s are devout Christians, and this doesn’t play well into Mike’s image as a “family values” guy.

Then Mike pence took to Twitter to make an official statement responding to the tape:
My statement below:

Then it became more severe, Mike Pence is off the campaign trail, according to the Trump campaign website.

Yesterday: Mike Pence’s campaign schedule has been removed from the Trump campaign website, meaning, he has no plans on the books to campaign for Trump any further.

Now, CNN confirms in a story last night:

One of the scenarios being played out by GOP party elders is convincing Pence to leave the ticket. Vin Weber, a former Jeb Bush supporter, says he would “absolutely” call for Pence to leave the ticket as a way to put “immeasurable pressure” on Trump to leave the race.

“Pence is the anchor that keeps Trump in the race,” so without him it would be over for the candidate, Weber said.

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