BREAKING: New WikiLeaks Dump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB About Clinton’s Sex Life

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Before the second presidential debate last night, Donald Trump made a massive move against the Clintons when he held a press conference with four women who say they were raped by Bill Clinton. Trump then seated the women in the front row of the debate, just a few feet away from Bill.

Now, WikiLeaks has released a new batch of emails on Monday that show that staffers on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are petrified that Bill Clinton’s sordid sexual past could severely damage Hillary’s chances. The email in question, which is marked “confidential,” was sent to Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta by liberal journalist Brent Budowsky.

Infowars reported that the email details of Budowsky’s exchange “with someone in the media,” who revealed to him that, “there are people close to the Clintons who says WJC’s (William Jefferson Clinton) sex life could be damaging to her.” While Budowsky believed that the more Bill appears on her campaign trail, the better for Hillary, he said that “there were people purportedly close to the Clintons pushing the line that the less WJC the better.”

“Whoever is peddling this crap from somewhere within the Clinton camp is having the effect of encouraging the media to give the issue more prominence,” complained Budowsky. “They are hurting both Clintons. I always stay out of intra-staff stuff like this, both Clinton’s would be well advised to advise the people in their orbit to shut the hell up about this.”

Even Hillary’s own campaign staff knows that her husband is a pervert. SHARE this story so we can EXPOSE the Clintons!

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