BREAKING: WikiLeaks Founder Drops BOMB On Hillary – ‘October Surprise’ May Destroy Her

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Yesterday, we reported that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had announced plans to make a massive announcement about Hillary Clinton today that many predicted would be the “October surprise” he has been talking about for months.

According to Daily Mail, Assange announced this morning via video link from London that he will be one million leaked documents before the November 8 election. However, he denied that he is trying to destroy Clinton’s campaign.

Assange said he plans to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks” and the leaks include “significant material” on war, arms, oil, Google and the US election. However, after 90 minutes of appeals for more funding and several plugs for a new WikiLeaks book, no new information was released.

When asked about the leaks that will relate to the U.S. presidential election, Assange remained coy, only saying that “there are a lot of fascinating angles.”

“There’s an enormous expectation in the United States – part of that expectation will be answered… but we won’t do it at 3am,” he said, adding that, “some of that expectation will be partly answered.”

Assange said WikiLeaks will step up efforts to “amplify our publications and to defend us against what is really a quite remarkable McCarthyist push in the United States at the moment, principally by Hillary Clinton and her allies because she happens to be the person being exposed at the moment.”

He was then asked if he feels an affinity with Donald Trump.

“I feel personal affinity with all human beings. Through understanding someone, you can feel sorry for them,” Assange replied. “I certainly feel sorry for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These are two people who are tormented by their ambitions.”

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