Clint Eastwood In Hot Water After Taking Massive Stand For Trump

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In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find anyone who’s brave enough to risk their career by admitting they support Donald Trump. Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, however, has never been one to hide his political views for anybody.

The Wrap reported that Eastwood recently spoke out to say that Trump isn’t the “racist” person that the mainstream media has portrayed him to be. In fact, Eastwood said he is sick of this “p*ssy” generation throwing around the word “racist” so freely.

“[Trump’s] onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,” he said. “We’re really in a p*ssy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”

Eastwood went on to say that he will definitely not be voting for Hillary Clinton.

“I’d have to go for Trump … you know, ’cause she’s declared that she’s gonna follow in Obama’s footsteps,” he said. “There’s been just too much funny business on both sides of the aisle. She’s made a lot of dough out of being a politician. I gave up dough to be a politician.”

Eastwood also dismissed comments Trump made about the Mexican heritage of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who presided over federal lawsuits against Trump University.

“Yeah, it’s a dumb thing to say. I mean, to predicate your opinion on the fact that the guy was born to Mexican parents or something. He’s said a lot of dumb things. So have all of them. Both sides,” Eastwood said. “But everybody — the press and everybody’s going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist,’ and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it. Just f—ing get over it. It’s a sad time in history.”

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