Damning Hillary Clinton Footage Surfaces DAYS Before Election

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has turned Hillary Clinton’s campaign upside down in the last week by releasing a series of undercover videos exposing the voter fraud that has perpetrated her campaign. Now, the fourth installment of these videos has been released, and what it revealed is shocking.

Mad World News reported that Robert Creamer, who has visited the White House over 300 times and met personally with Barack Obama 47 times, was caught illegally taking $20,000 for Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a “foreign donor” who was really an undercover journalist for Project Veritas.

Once Creamer took the bait, he gave the Project Veritas journalist access to all of the other lower level Democratic operatives who then confided all of their dirty dealings. He linked him directly to Clinton’s campaign, which is totally illegal under campaign finance laws.

“Every morning I am on a call at 10:30 that goes over the message being driven by the campaign headquarters … I am in this campaign mainly to deal with what earned media with television, radio, with earned media and social media, not with paid media, not with advertising,” Creamer said in the video, not knowing that he was being recorded.

“I do a lot of work with the White House on their issues, helping to run issue campaigns that they have been involved in. I mean, for immigration reform for the… the health care bill, for trying to make America more like Britain when it comes to gun violence issues,” he added later in the video.

This PROVES that Clinton is running one of the most corrupt campaigns of all time. SHARE this story if you think she should be in JAIL!

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