Damning Photos From Hillary’s Past Leak – Catch Her In MASSIVE Lie

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During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton tried to make Donald Trump look like someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth while making it appear that she herself comes from a humble, working class background. Now, however, photos have surfaced of her childhood home that have reminded voters that she wasn’t poor at all.

Mad World News reported that Clinton’s childhood home was located in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, and the large two story home was paid for in cash by her father. Clinton’s father was clearly doing very well with his drapery business, since he was able to pay a whopping $660,000 in cash for the home. Adjusted for inflation, that would be millions of dollars today.


The house is well over 2,500 square feet, which was considered enormous in the 1950s, when the average home was less than 1,000 square feet.

Clinton went on to attend the very expensive Wellesley College for girls before going on to get a degree from the ivy league school Yale University.

This just goes to show that Clinton is not the “average American” that she claims to be. SHARE this story so we can expose her!

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