Entitled Welfare Queen Assaults Police Officer – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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The mainstream media recently published a police brutality story detailing how a 15 year-old black girl was innocently riding her bike when Hagerstown police decided to detain her for no reason. Once they handcuffed her and put her in the backseat of their cruiser, they pepper sprayed her, leading to liberals everywhere being outraged.

However, now the dash cam video has been released of the incident, and it tells a very different story than the one the mainstream media was telling…

According to GOP The Daily Dose, police were called when the girl hit a car with her bike. When the cops arrived, she became combative to them as she tried to leave the scene and swore at them. She then kicked one officer and tried to use her legs to prevent the doors of the cruiser from closing after she was arrested. It was only after she did this that officers pepper sprayed her because they had no other choice.

Once again, the mainstream media has villainized police officers before getting their facts straight first. SHARE this story so we can spread what REALLY happened in this incident!

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