FBI Director James Comey Gets DEVASTATING News Days After Reopening Hillary Investigation

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FBI Director James Comey shocked everyone on Friday when he announced that the bureau has reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. Now, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has teamed up with University of Minnesota Law Professor Richard Painter in a non-partisan joint campaign to mount a public campaign against Comey.

Painter is a Republican who is a former Bush Administration White House Counsel. He served as ethics counsel to the President.

“Richard Painter and I connected this evening, and we are sending out the message clearly that the FBI Director’s behavior is a non-partisan issue, and we will be sending out a joint press release tomorrow morning accordingly,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Adivsor to the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, according to Occupy Democrats.

Both parties involved are trying to prevent future political interference by the FBI into partisan elections.

“We plan to make joint television and other media appearances together with Professor Painter,” said Dworkin who is planning to participate in the broadcasts, “or alongside other members of the DCAT.”

It’s sad that Comey’s career might suffer simply because he did the right thing. SHARE this story if you stand by him!

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