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France is sick of Muslim refugees pouring into their country and then launching terrorist attacks against them, so now their government is finally doing something about it.

Pamela Gellar reported that 15,000 Muslims, including 2,000 children, have been placed on the terror watch list in France. The youngest of the 1,954 children on the list is reportedly just 11 years old, but police say even migrant children pose a threat to France as they have been wreaking havoc all over the country.

French officials began tracking refugees on a database in March of 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo attacks and shootings at a kosher market in January of that year that killed 17 people. Since December of 2014, there have been a whopping 21 terror attacks in France, and officials say that at least 4,000 of these individuals on the list pose a significant threat to society and are being tracked on a daily basis by the Directorate of Internal Security.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is still trying to get as many Muslim migrants into this country as he can regardless of what threat they pose to our nation.

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