Hillary Clinton ROCKED By SEX ALLEGATION – Bill’s Had Sex With 1000 WOMEN

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is working overtime right now to make Donald Trump look like a sexual predator in the eyes of the American people. That’s why it came as devastating news to her this week when a former mistress of Bill Clinton came forward to reveal that he is far worse in his sexual escapades than Trump is.

Dolly Kyle was Bill’s childhood sweetheart, and she engaged in a decades-long affair with him. Infowars reported that Kyle broke her silence this week to reveal that Bill is a sex addict who has had sex with over 1,000 women. You can watch her statement about this in the video above.

This isn’t the first time Kyle has spoken out to call Bill a sex addict.

“We went through the 25 questions that you ask yourself if you’re a sex addict,” Kyle told Breitbart. “He absolutely was. Is. He admitted it. This is like an Alcoholics Anonymous or drug-addict thing. You don’t have to go to a counselor to know you’re an alcoholic. You go to an AA meeting, you hear the questions, you know that’s who you are. And then you do something about it. But he’s done nothing about it.”

Kyle wrote more about this in her book “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir.” Here’s an excerpt:

‘Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people’.

‘The Clintons and their misled supporters have rewritten history to suit their political agenda, which is to get votes to get power to get money to get more power to get more money’.

‘The Clintons’ vicious cycle of intertwining greed and power addictions will have no limit, unless someone stands up and announces, “The emperor has no clothes!”

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