Hillary Hit With Murder Accusation – It’s Happening

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Earlier today, we reported that WikiLeaks is planning to release an “October surprise” on Tuesday that they say will destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances forever. As a sneak preview of what’s to come, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange took a shot at Clinton today by revealing that she once asked if she could have him murdered.

The WikiLeaks Twitter feed posted a link to a True Pundit article that revealed Clinton once ordered a hit on Assange.

“Can’t we just drone this guy,” Clinton said of Assange, according to Conservative Tribune.

No wonder Assange doesn’t feel safe dropping the October surprise in public…

Assange has been a thorn in Clinton’s side for months as he has repeatedly exposed her as the corrupt criminal that she is. Given her infamous Kill list full of people that have challenged her and died mysteriously, it should come as no surprise that Clinton wants to add Assange’s name to that group…

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