Hillary HUMILIATED After Damning Image Goes Viral – Trump Was Right…

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With just a few weeks to go before the election, Hillary Clinton is trying to make it look like she has just as many enthusiastic, devoted supporters as Donald Trump does. That’s why she was particularly humiliated when a photo from one of her recent rallies went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Conservative Tribune reported that Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida this week, speaking to a crowd of Clinton supporters. Unfortunately for him, however, very few people actually showed up…

Only a few dozen people showed up at the rally, and many of them were reporters or operatives that were paid to be there. Clinton’s campaign tried to bury photos of the rally, but their efforts failed.


Meanwhile, Trump managed to attract over 20,000 people to his rally that was held on that very same day.

This demonstrates once again that Trump supporters are FAR more enthusiastic than those who support Clinton. Many Democrats aren’t going to be motivated enough to drop everything to go to vote for Clinton on Election Day, but supporters can’t wait to place their votes for Trump.

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