Liberals DEMAND Fox News Host Be FIRED For Doing THIS On Live TV

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Politically correct-obsessed liberals have launched a campaign to get Fox News reporter Jesse Watters fired for a segment of interviews he did in Chinatown last week that critics claimed mocked Asian Americans in a racist manner.

The New York Times reported that activists and elected officials staged a protest outside of the Fox News headquarters last Thursday demanding that Watters be fired.

Even mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about it, calling the segment “vile.”

“Passing off this blatantly racist television segment as ‘gentle fun’ not only validates racist stereotypes, it encourages them. The entire segment smacks of willful ignorance by buying into the perpetual foreigner syndrome,” Councilman Peter Koo said in a statement. “How is it, that in New York City in 2016, this is still O.K.? Short answer: It’s not, and it is unfortunate that Fox News needs to be reminded of that.”

The interviews aired as part of “Watters’ World,” a recurring segment on “The O’Reilly Factor.” When introducing the segment, Bill O’Reilly said it was inspired by how often China was mentioned during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

Watters took to Twitter to try to fight back in saying that his segments are meant to be humorous.

Frankly, we think these race-baiting liberals need to shut up and learn how to take a joke. Anyone who’s seen “Watters’ World” before knows that these segments aren’t meant to be taken seriously, yet once again politically correct liberals are trying to use an innocent joke to get someone fired.

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