Melania Trump Issues BOLD Message To Her Husband’s Accusers – They NEVER Should Have Messed With Her

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The mainstream media has spent the last few weeks launching vicious attacks on Donald Trump, going so far as to try to make him look like a sexual predator based on the unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations against him. Last night, Melania Trump went on national television to fight back and defend her Trump in an epic way.

According to Mad World News, Melania spoke out directly to the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault, telling them that they should take their allegations to court.

“All the allegations should be handled in a court of law,” Melania declared. “And without the evidence to accuse somebody … it’s damaging and it’s unfair … They want to damage the presidency of my husband. It was all planned. All organized.”

Melania could not be more right. Not a single one of Trump’s accusers has filed any kind of lawsuit against the business mogul for the abuse the supposedly endured. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was once forced to pay $850,000 to settle a case against him for allegedly exposing his genitals to Paula Jones in a hotel.

In the end, this is just the latest attempt by the mainstream media to rig the election against Trump. SHARE this story if you stand by Melania and Donald Trump!

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