Michelle Obama Mocks Donald Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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Michelle Obama has spent the last few weeks on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, as she is desperate for her to win since she knows Donald Trump will immediately destroy all of her husband’s ridiculous policies.

During a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, Michelle called for a “steady,” “measured” and “honest” leader while denouncing misogyny and “not paying taxes.” The Huffington Post reported that the first lady then UNLOADED on Trump, slamming him for his late-night Twitter rants and for supposedly disrespecting veterans who suffer from PTSD.

This second point is laughable coming from Michelle, since she and her husband have repeatedly shown that they have no respect for veterans at all.

Michelle then mocked Trump for claiming that there was an issue with his microphone during the first presidential debate by tapping her own microphone.

“When [Clinton] gets knocked down, she doesn’t complain,” Obama said before tapping on her microphone. “She doesn’t cry foul. No, she gets right back up, comes back stronger for the people who needs her most.”

Unfortunately for Michelle, her attempts to make Trump look foolish backfired when it was revealed that there really WAS a problem with his microphone during the first debate.

“There were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” the Commission on Presidential Debates quietly admitted.

Once again, the Obamas and mainstream media are trying to make Trump look like a crazy conspiracy theorist when he has actually been telling the truth all along. SHARE this story if you stand by TRUMP!

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