Muslim Migrant Tries To Stop Car, Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Justice

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Muslim refugees who are flooding in the Western world have shown themselves to be some of the most entitled people on this planet. That’s why the Muslim migrant in this story was shocked to be given a brutal wakeup call…

Mad World News reported that a large group of Muslim migrants recently gathered in the city of Calais, France and headed to a busy highway to stir some chaos. The refugees, who were from the African nation of Eritrea, were trying to stop cars and injure drivers by throwing rocks, sticks, and whatever else they could at them.

Things got even worse when traffic slowed down, meaning the Muslims felt more comfortable to step onto the actual road. One migrant thought it would be a good idea to stop a car entirely, but he quickly learned that he’d made a huge mistake.

A French citizen was driving with his wife when a group of Muslim refugees stepped directly in front of his vehicle. Saying he “feared for his life,” the Frenchman sped up instead of stopping and plowed right through the crowd of Muslim migrants. One refugee was hit and later died at the hospital of his injuries, while the driver later pulled over and surrendered himself to police.

Police are still investigating, and the driver is not in custody at this time. SHARE this story if you think the driver should NOT be arrested!

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