NRA Responds To Kim Kardashian Being Robbed At Gunpoint – Liberals LIVID

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By now, the entire world knows that Kim Kardashian was robbed on Monday night at the apartment she was renting in Paris, France. Now, the National Rifle Association has responded to what happened, and what they had to say has liberals furious.

The Federalist Papers reported that Kardashian has been an outspoken advocate, in her typical uneducated fashion, for strict gun control before she was held up, and the NRA quickly reminded the world of that.

Others also hopped on this train as well.

A spokesman for Kardashian told reporters that, “She is badly shaken but physically unharmed.” While we’re relieved that Kardashian is doing alright, we hope this experience makes her rethink what she’s said about gun control in the past and actually do some research before she speaks on it again.

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