Patriotic Coal Miners Give Hillary A NASTY Surprise When She Arrives In Ohio…

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With just weeks to go before the election, Hillary Clinton is becoming increasingly desperate to win over blue collar workers, a group she has always struggled to gain votes from.

Unfortunately for Hillary, she messed up her chances with blue collar workers once again when she promised to shut down the coal mines, and miners let her know that they weren’t about to let her get away with that. When Hillary tried to sneak back into the state of Ohio after this, the miners there gave her a rude wakeup call that she won’t soon forget.

Things aren’t looking good for Hillary in Ohio, but surrendering the state to Trump may cost her the election. Knowing this, her campaign sent her husband Bill in to try and wrangle up some votes for her. Mad World News reported that Hillary’s campaign thought Bill would appeal to the hard working miners as well as the middle class in the state, and the former president thought he could win them over by wearing a lumberjack flannel shirt and bringing back his southern accent.

This plan backfired as soon as Bill arrived in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was greeted by a group of miners and their families who launched a protest against him. The yelled and screamed at Bill as they held up “Trump/Pence” signs, letting the former president know that he is not welcome in their community.

Sending Bill Clinton today to coal country is nothing more than an election-time political stunt to attempt to spin her heartless rhetoric against miners and the fact she is endorsed by nearly all the radical environmental groups,” explained Christian Palich, president of the Ohio Coal Association, according to Columbus Dispatch.

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