‘Rude’ CNN Reporter Confronts Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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Donald Trump temporarily halted his presidential campaign on Wednesday to attend the opening of his newest hotel in Washington D.C.

Infowars reported that CNN’s Dana Bash slammed Trump for doing this, accusing him of “taking time out of swing states” even though he had three campaign events scheduled for that same day. Trump, however, wasn’t having any of Bash’s nonsense.

“So to people who say you’re taking time out of swing states to go do this, you say?” Bash asked the GOP presidential nominee.

“I say the following: You have been covering me for the last — long time. I did yesterday eight stops and three major speeches, and I’ve been doing this for weeks straight,” Trump responded. “For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. And yet you’ll ask me that question. I think that’s a very rude question, to be honest with you.”

Trump went on to say that the opening of the hotel proves that he can get things built under budget and ahead of schedule, suggesting that the country needs to be able to follow suit.

This is just the latest example of the media attacking Trump while giving Clinton a free pass. SHARE this story if you think this election is RIGGED!

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