While We Were All Focused On The Election, Obama Quietly Did THIS Yesterday

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Everyone has been focused on the presidential election this week, so Barack Hussein Obama saw it as the perfect opportunity to do something that puts all of our lives in danger.

The Washington Examiner reported that Obama commuted the sentences of 102 federal prisoners on Thursday. This means that Obama has commuted the sentences of 774 prisoners since he took office compared to the 61 and 60 for Presidents Clinton and Nixon, who respectively are second and third in the commutations category.

“The vast majority of today’s grants were for individuals serving unduly harsh sentences for drug-related crimes under outdated sentencing laws,” Obama administration counsel Neil Eggleston wrote on the White House blog, adding that Obama has commuted more sentences than the last 11 presidents combined.

Eggleston added that these statistics make it “clear that the president and his administration have succeeded in efforts to reinvigorate the clemency process. He claimed this “relief highlights the need for bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation.”

By releasing these violent criminals, Obama is putting the lives of millions of Americans in danger. SHARE this story if you think what Obama did yesterday is WRONG!

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