While We’re All Worrying About The Election, Obama Is Quietly Doing THIS

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Everyone in America is focused on the presidential election right now, so nobody is really paying much attention to what Barack Hussein Obama is doing. That’s why he saw this as the perfect opportunity to quietly delay over 56,000 deportation cases.

According to Right Wing News, Obama has even delayed the deportation cases of illegals who have committed crimes and been arrested. These illegals should have been deported immediately, but Obama is instead allowing them to stay in this country.

The cases that have been delayed are comprised of nearly half of illegal immigrants who entered the country as families in 2014, and they make up nearly a quarter of the total number of illegal immigrants. The shocking reason that the Department of Justice is delaying these cases is that they want to save money. The decision to delay the cases meant that illegals who were were supposed to be enrolled in an electronic monitoring program were not being tracked. Many of these aliens were given no consequence when they refused to show up at government offices to be fitted with GPS ankle bracelets that were required of them.

Obama’s government would have to pay between $4 and $8 every day to monitor these bracelets in this program, which was put in place because many illegal immigrants were not appearing in court as required. However, since the White House is abandoning these cases, these costs have conveniently gone away. Obama has pushed some of these cases as far back as 2023.

“The whole thing is docket chaos,” said Paul Schmidt, a retired judge who worked for federal immigration services for 30 years.

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