Witnesses HORRIFIED After Finding What Burqa-Clad Muslim Left In Bathroom Stall…

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After a Muslim woman exited a public bathroom this week, bystanders hustled past her to use the restroom before continuing on with their days. However, they were quickly horrified when they saw what the Muslim left behind wrapped in a plastic bag by the toilet…

Mad World News reported that a man in the Muslim nation of Tajikistan was stunned to notice something moving in a plastic bag inside public toilet. Several people gathered around the squat toilet, which is nothing more than a hole in the floor, to get the package out of it. When they finally did, they were stunned to find the bag contained a newborn baby that had likely been abandoned by it’s mother.

After giving birth in the public bathroom in Khujand, the Muslim woman wrapped her baby in a plastic bag hoping to suffocate it. She then carelessly tossed the baby in the toilet, which was filled with human waste.

It’s a miracle that the baby survived, and experts say the child could only have been in the toilet for a few minutes. Had the baby been in there any longer, it surely would have died.

Sadly, reports of newborns being abandoned in toilets are becoming increasingly common in the Middle East.

“Religion of peace” my foot!

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