You Won’t Believe What Secretly Happened Backstage At The Debate Last Night…

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Ever since Donald Trump first entered the presidential race, he has been claiming that the mainstream media has rigged this election against him. The media has vehemently denied this, and tried to make Trump look like a crazy conspiracy theorist for even suggesting that they have rigged the election.

However, what happened backstage during the debate last night proves that Trump has actually been right all along…

Fox News host Jesse Watters watched the debate from the large media room backstage with many other members of the press. Mad World News reported that the room was blatantly biased in Clinton’s favor, with reporters audibly cheering for her when she spoke and booing Trump whenever he talked.

This proves once and for all that Trump is right in his assertion that the mainstream media has been trying to rig this election against him ever since the beginning. This is NOT a fair election!

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