Anderson Cooper BREAKS DOWN After Trump Wins – Goes MISSING

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The mainstream media had spent the past year saying that Donald Trump had no chance of beating Hillary Clinton in this election. That’s why it came as a massive shock to them last night when Trump did indeed beat Clinton handily.

According to Daily Mail, Anderson Cooper virtually disappeared as it became more and more clear that Trump had won, as sources say he was too upset to appear on air. Many were stunned by Cooper’s absence, since he is one of CNN’s most prominent personalities, but he left it to Wolf Blitzer Jake Taper to do most of the coverage.

Blitzer in turn has been widely panned by Twitter today for his refusal to accept the fact that Trump had won. One Twitter user pointed out that Blitzer was trying to “desperately resuscitate the Clinton corpse,” as he was calling states for Trump long after the other networks had already done so.

Under Blitzer’s guidance, CNN was the last network to call the race for Trump, waiting until 2:48am to make the call. Minutes before that, Blitzer was visibly shocked when fellow host Dana Bash informed him that Clinton had conceded to Trump in a phone call.

“If Hillary Clinton has conceded, that is dramatic,” said Blitzer, live on air. “That is a dramatic development, Dana, and to hear the words president elect, we haven’t yet projected that – but you’re saying Clinton made a formal call to Donald Trump to concede?”

The CNN hosts can whine about it as much as they want to, but they are STUCK with Trump for the next four years!

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