Black Lives Matter Thug Mouths Off To Ann Coulter – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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In Obama’s America, Black Lives Matter activists seem to think they can boss white people around and treat them however they please. Proud conservative Ann Coulter, however, isn’t about to go down without a fight.

Daily Wire reported that the video above shows Coulter go head-to-head with MSNBC race-baiter Joy-Ann Reid. In the end, it’s Coulter who comes out victorious in this headed debate about race.

“What is Mandarin? You mean Asian-Americans. You’re calling people Mandarins. It’s called Asian-Americans, Ann. Asian-Americans, not Mandarin,” Reid barked at Coulter, trying to punish her for daring to describe Mandarin-speaking Americans with Chinese backgrounds as “Mandarin Chinese.”

“It’s throwback language. It’s not 1913. They’re called Asian-Americans, not Mandarins,” whined Reid. “If your default in discussing Asian-Americans is to call people Mandarins; we’re not bringing back arcane language here, Ann. Let’s just talk about people as Americans – Asian-Americans. That’s the term. But that is what they call them.”

“No you’re not gonna police my language,” Coulter fired back. “They are Mandarin, and [their pro-Trump signs were] written in Mandarin.”

Reid said that “working class white voters” supported Donald Trump due to their own racial resentment towards black people like herself and Hispanic minorities.

“This is old America versus new America,” said Reid, adding that white “working class” Trump supporters “view people of Hispanic heritage as being illegitimately in the country.”

“This is their issue. This is the fundamental issue that animates support for Donald Trump, this idea that we’re taking this country from them,” said Reid.

“I can tell you that, at the moment, net migration from Mexico, in the wake of, is zero. It’s zero,” falsely claimed Reid. “The Obama administration [has had] more deportations than George W. Bush ever did. They’ve been very aggressive, [US Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has, about deporting people from the country. So the administration actually, right now, has been the tip of the spear of being extremely aggressive, in addition to the fact that the economics have reduced migration to zero”

In the end, all Reid accomplished was making herself look like an ignorant fool, as Coulter once again came out on top. What do you think about this clip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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