Boyfriend Catches Girlfriend CHEATING After She Sends Him Selfie

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An unnamed man caught his girlfriend Jackie cheating on him when she sent him what was supposed to be a sexy text from her “solo” trip to Atlanta.

Daily Mail reported that Jackie began by texting her boyfriend that her flight had been a little late and that she had just gotten to her hotel. She then said she was about to shower and began sending him photos of herself removing items of clothing.

“Keep going…” the boyfriend wrote, clearly getting excited.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-47-33-am

However, when Jackie finally sent him a topless photo, the boyfriend noticed a piece of luggage that didn’t belong to her.


“Wait,” he texted. “Are you alone?”

“Of course!” she replied. “LOL I don’t know anyone in Atlanta.”

“Oh ok,” her boyfriend texts back. “What’s your room number again babe?”

Jackie responded by saying she is in room 1422 before adding “not this again,” indicating that he has been suspicious of her in the past.

“Just call my room number if you don’t believe me,” she said.

Unfortunately for Jackie, she forgot that the room was not registered under her name.


I just asked to be connected to you and they said no Jackie (redacted last name) was staying in the hotel,” her boyfriend responds. “I asked if Tom (redacted last name) was and they connected me to room 1422.”

Yup, Jackie had been caught.

“I can’t believe you think I’m this stupid,” the boyfriend said as Jackie stopped responding. “Organizing a trip with your f*****g boss and pretending like you’re going alone. I knew something was going on between you two.”

“BTW there’s a suitcase in the second picture you sent me that I know isn’t yours so don’t even try to deny it,” he wrote. “All your sh*t will be waiting outside for you in trash bags when you get back.”

“Have fun f*****g Tom and F**K YOU,” he concluded.


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