BREAKING: Congress Makes Announcement About Hillary Rodham Clinton – IT’S HAPPENING

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Now that Donald Trump has been elected, millions of Americans are hoping that his government will continue investigating Hillary Clinton and eventually put her in prison. Unfortunately, however, it looks like this won’t be happening after all…

Conservative Tribune reported that House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, told Fox on Sunday that investigating Clinton further for her mishandling of classified information on her private email server was not on Congress’ agenda. McCarthy reportedly said that he does not want to waste time on Clinton while the Republicans had a governing majority in both houses plus the presidency.

“Look, I’m the majority leader,” McCarthy said. “I set the agenda. The agenda’s going to be about job creation. It’s going to be about reforming and repealing Obamacare. It’s going to be about infrastructure.

“That’s the focus that this election was about,” he continued. “President-elect Donald Trump has a vigorous agenda.”

When host Chris Wallace asked if investigating Clinton is part of the agenda, McCarthy replied, ““I leave that portion to law enforcement. That’s just the way to keep politics out of it.”

We’ll take that as a no…

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