BREAKING: Damning New Hillary Emails Leak – These Could Put Her In Jail

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Hillary Clinton’s world was turned upside down last week when the FBI reopened their investigation into her use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. Today, WikiLeaks made things even worse for her when they released emails that show just how careless she was with the sensitive information in her emails, and that even her own colleagues warned her to be more careful.

Lifezette reported that WikiLeaks released a 2014 email exchange between Clinton and her current campaign Chairman John Podesta about the situation in Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. Clinton stated that “there may be opportunities as the Iraqi piece improves” before asking Podesta if he had “any idea whose fighters attacked Islamist positions in Tripoli, Libya,” which was “worth analyzing for future purposes.”

Podesta immediately realized this conversation should not be taking place on Gmail, telling Clinton “Yes and interesting but not for this channel.”

If Clinton was discussing information after leaving the State Department that was sensitive enough to worry Podesta, we can only imagine the information she was giving other people…

WikiLeaks released another email today suggesting that Podesta was warned in 2008 about the dangers of communicating sensitive information on unsecured servers.

“I was struck by the memo partly because it was first I had heard of it but much more because it was a sensitive doc bumping around on public email addresses,” Denis McDonough, Barack Obama’s first chief of staff, wrote to fellow transition team member Daniel Tarullo on Nov. 3, 2008. “There is a very real threat to the security of our documents.”

Tarullo then added Podesta to the chain and warned him directly, “I know I’m like a broken record on this, but I think we should arrange a briefing on the cyber threat for all associated with your effort. We have a real security threat on our stuff here.”

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