BREAKING: Fox Employee Reveals Roger Ailes Forced Her To Perform SEX ACT – ‘You’e My Wh*re’

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We knew disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was a pervert, but we had no idea he was this bad…

Daily Mail reported that a former employee for Fox who received over $3million in a separation agreement from the network after she claimed she was sexually harassed by Ailes for decades and forced to perform sex acts on him has just come forward to discuss what she calls her years of “Hell.”

Laurie Luhn told 20/20 in an exclusive interview that Ailes required her to be ready for afternoon hotel romps at a moments notice and once made her perform sex acts while another woman took photos. She says the abuse began right after she met Ailes while working on the the first presidential campaign of George H.W. Bush.

One night he invited her to his hotel room to watch one of President Bush’s speeches, and afterward Luhn claims he had her strip to her lingerie and dance around the room while he recorded her on a camera.

‘He would have me get down on my knees and tell me, “You know what you are, Laurie. You’re my wh***. You’re my sex slave. You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do at any time. Do you understand that?”‘ said Luhn.

‘And he explained that it was like the military, that if he gave an order I was to follow through.’

Much of Luhn’s interview is similar to the one she gave back in July to Gabriel Sherman on New York.

Luhn claims that Ailes mostly demanded that she perform oral sex on him, and that he used the photographs and recordings he took of her to make sure she kept quiet about their relationship.

‘He always let me know he was in control, and it was scary,’ said Luhn.


‘It was like the minute it happened I knew that I’d been blackmailed… because he did take photographs of me. And he would say, “This is just my little insurance policy. And I’m just going to put it in a safe deposit box just to make sure you stay loyal to me.”‘

She then added: ‘He’d say, “I think you need some training. I think you’re slipping up.” Or, “You haven’t had your training lately,”‘ said Luhn.

Luhn also claims that ‘training’ was Ailes way of saying, ‘Show up in a hotel room wearing lingerie and be expected to perform oral sex.’

Despite the nature of the relationship, Luhn took a job at Fox News when Ailes was put in charge back in 1996 as CEO of the network.

Luhn even managed to secure a big promotion and raise after a few years at the network, but she claims it came at a devastating, and demoralizing, cost.

‘I got a promotion. A big promotion. And afterwards I went in to see Roger, he said, “So, see, I told you I’d take care of you some day. Now, you go put your uniform on and show me some gratitude,'” said Luhn.

‘I was so excited. And then the next words were, “Go over to Double Tree and thank me.”

‘I kept on thinking it would end. You know, maybe he’d stop. And I actually didn’t think that it would go on at Fox, but it did continue.’

Shortly after she got her promotion is when she claims Ailes ‘ordered’ her engage in a sex act with another woman.

‘Not only ordered to, expected to, and show up, and then say, “That was really great, wasn’t it?”‘ said Luhn.

‘And, you know, I’m trembling. And practically getting sick. And yes, I mean, it was horrible.’

With her new promotion came new demands by Ailes according to Luhn, who claimed she had to engage in sadomasochistic sex with another woman while Ailes took photos and starting in 2006 engage in phone sex with Ailes from her office.

He stopped with the hotel sessions around this time, she claims, and gave her a new task.

‘You’re going to find me Roger’s Angels. You’re going to find me whores,’ Luhn claimed Ailes told her during her interview with New York.

Luhn said that it was her willingness to perform the sexual acts Ailes demanded of her that ultimately caused her to suffer a mental breakdown.

It was after that breakdown that Luhn, then an event planner for Fox News, decided to tell the network about what she alleges was 20 years of sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes.

The network quickly responded by giving Luhn a $3.15 million payout, and making her sign an ‘extensive nondisclosure provisions’ that Sherman saw while interviewing Luhn for New York.

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