BREAKING: Hidden Cam Catches Hillary In Her Own ‘LOCKER ROOM MOMENT’

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With just one more day to go before the election, a footage has leaked of Hillary Clinton that may just prove to be her own “locker room” moment.

The Political Insider reported that the hidden camera video above shows Clinton campaign field organizer Wylie Mao laughing and boasting about how he would be able to grab a “coworker’s ass” and not get fired. The hidden camera footage was filmed by Project Veritas at a bar in West Palm Beach, and Mao makes it clear just how acceptable sexual harassment is on the Clinton campaign.

“I think the bar of acceptable conduct in this campaign is pretty low,” Mao said. “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

Someone then said to Mao, “She says she wants to go to Hillary’s thing at Coral Springs.”

“Tell her to get in line,” Mao responded.

“Tell her to f*ck off and volunteer for S Weekend because it’s a weekend of action, and you can’t win votes at a f*cking rally,” added Mark Hodges, another Clinton field organizer.

Clinton claims to be a “warrior for women” who is always against sexual harassment, so this video might just be enough to destroy her campaign. SHARE this story so we can spread this damning footage!

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