BREAKING: Hillary Panicking After Learning Trump Is Considering Naming THIS Person As Attorney General

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Hillary Clinton was given the shock of her life on Tuesday when Donald Trump handily beat her in the presidential election. Now, her nightmare has gotten even worse, as rumors are spreading that Trump is considering appointing Trey Gowdy as his new attorney general.

Western Journalism reported that Gowdy, R-S.C., easily won his reelection campaign on Tuesday with 67 percent of the vote, beating out three other candidates to move on to his fourth term in congress. As he rushes back to Washington D.C., however, there are talks that he will be returning in a very different capacity.

The Boston Herald is one of many publications that has speculated that Gowdy will be the new attorney general.

This should come as no surprise, given Gowdy’s long battle to bring Hillary Clinton to justice. Just last Sunday, he fired off a statement attacking the FBI for their decision to not charge Clinton for her use of a personal email server.

“I disagreed with Director Comey in July and I disagree with him today,” Gowdy said in the statement. He went on to criticize James Comey for citing a lack of criminal intent as the reason for not indicting Clinton, since there is lots of evidence that she knew what she was doing was wrong.

“There is sufficient evidence, both direct and circumstantial, upon which a jury could conclude an intent to violate the law. This evidence includes concealment of evidence, destruction of evidence and false exculpatory statements — all of which fall under the general heading of consciousness of guilt,” Gowdy said.

“It would appear the investigation is back to the status quo ante, which means Director Comey believes Secretary Clinton was indeed extremely careless in her handling of classified material, yet there is insufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to prove Secretary Clinton had specific intent to violate a statute which specifically provides for the lower scienter standard of gross negligence,” Gowdy added.

On Wednesday, however, Gowdy did not mention Clinton at all when he broke his silence about the election.

The voters have given us the greatest privilege in a democratic republic, which is the opportunity to govern,” he said. “It is imperative we keep our word to the American people and govern in a way worthy of their respect. Voters spoke in loud, clear terms and those entrusted with the opportunity to serve should listen and hear with equal clarity.”

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