CNN Host Calls Marco Rubio A ‘Bad Christian’ For Slamming Castro – He SILENCES Her With THIS

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Despite the fact that Cuba’s Fidel Castro was one of the most diabolical dictators of all time, liberals all over the United States are mourning his death as if he was a saint.

After Castro’s death, Barack Obama released a sickening statement in which he basically honored the deadly dictator and offered his “condolences” to his family.

This week, CNN host Dana Bash tried to suggest that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a bad Christian for slamming Obama because of his statement about Castro. Rubio, however, was quick to let Bash know just how wrong she is.

“Senator, you called President Obama ‘pathetic’ for offering condolences to Fidel Castro’s family, but, you know, he wasn’t the only world leader to do so. Even Pope Francis sent a telegram expressing sentiments of sorrow. As a practicing Catholic, what’s your reaction to that?” Bash asked, according to Conservative 101.

“Well, as a practicing Catholic, I believe in the theological authority of the Bishop of Rome, and that’s what Pope Francis is,” Rubio replied. “On political matters, however–particularly our foreign policy issues, I don’t necessarily believe that that binds those of us in the faith in terms of issues of foreign policy. I still respect it, but it’s a very different thing.”

“Pope Francis is the leader of a religious organization, the Roman Catholic Church. Barack Obama’s the president of the most powerful country in the world,” he continued. “What I called pathetic was not mentioning whatsoever in that statement the reality that there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffered brutally under the Castro regime.”

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