Eric Bolling HUMILIATES Geraldo Rivera On Live TV After He Defends Hillary

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Liberals everywhere are still in denial that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election fair and square. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, liberals still refuse to believe that minority communities do not automatically vote Democrat.

Geraldo Rivera of Fox News is one person who found it very hard to believe that minorities actually voted for Trump against Clinton. That’s why fellow host Eric Bolling stepped in to give him the dose of reality he needed.

According to Conservative 101, the clip below shows Bolling school Rivera on how minorities REALLY voted in this election. In reality, there was a significant rise in minorities voting Republican, and they likely made the difference in Trump winning.

7% more black people voted for Trump than they did for Mitt Romney in 2012. The Republican hispanic vote also went up by 8% from the last election, a statistic that left Rivera dumbstruck.

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