Experts Claim Hackers STOLE Election From Hillary – DEMAND Recount

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A group of voting experts have come forward to say they believe that voting was hacked in certain key battleground states to ensure that Hillary Clinton would lose to Donald Trump. Now, they are demanding a recount so that Clinton can be put in office.

Daily Mail reported that a team that includes voting rights experts and computer security buffs claims to have gathered evidence that the key states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been hacked to make it look like there was lower turnout. They are now calling for Clinton to demand an independent recount that may swing the election in her favor.

These states involve two kinds of voting: paper or electronic. Paper votes are counted by an optical scanning machine and sometimes humans, while the electronic votes are placed directly into a computer. The experts claim Clinton got 7 per cent fewer votes in those counties of Wisconsin in which votes were counted electronically, compared to those with paper ballots and optical scanners, suggesting her counts could have been artificially lowered from within the counting machines by hackers. Since the paper counts could not be impacted by hackers, they remained unaffected.

The group says this hacking may have cost Clinton 30,000 votes in Wisconsin, which she lost by 27,000 votes. This played a major role in Donald Trump’s win, since the state has 10 electoral votes.

“Michigan was too close to call with a gap of 11,000, denying Clinton its 16 Electoral College votes, and she lost Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes by 68,236,” Daily Mail reported. “Though there’s been no suggestion of possible culprits in the potential hacking, the DNC blamed Russia for mid-election-season hacks of Democrat email accounts. If an independent investigation could prove hacking – and a recount granted Clinton those three states – then she would be made President after all. But it’s by no means a done deal.”

The group presented their findings to Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, and general counsel Marc Elias, last Thursday, but it is not known if they’ve made a decision on how to move forward with this. The campaign is quickly running out of time on this, as the deadline for filing for a recount in Wisconsin is Friday. They have until Monday in Pennsylvania, and the end of the month in Michigan.

Barack Obama’s White House has reportedly encouraged Clinton NOT to demand a recount, since they are trying to make the transition between the president and the president-elect as smooth as possible. If Clinton really does want to unify our country, she won’t move forward with this…

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