Here’s The REAL Reason The Dems Are Demanding A Recount – This Is Even Worse Than We Thought…

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton claim that they are only pushing for a recount of the election votes in order to “preserve the integrity of the vote.” Now, however, the true reason for this movement has been revealed.

The Federalist Papers reported that Democrats are actually only calling for a recount so that they can interfere with the Electoral College and try to “delegitimize” Donald Trump. Stein’s demands for a recount in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Michigan means that there is a risk their electoral votes will not be counted at all.

In Wisconsin, Stein is demanding a handcount of the state’s ballots. Since there is a December 13 deadline for the state’s ten electoral votes to count, there is a good chance the headcount won’t be completed in time for the votes to be valid.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Stein is also trying to force a recount that will be nearly impossible to complete in time for the votes to count.

The American Thinker explained what will happen if Trump has less than the 270 electoral votes he needs when the electors meet on Dec. 19:

Then this goes to Congress, where the House voting 1 vote per state elects Trump, and Senate selects Pence. This would be first time this happened since 1824, but in that case, John Quincy Adams won in the House, though he had fewer electoral college votes than Andrew Jackson.

If this goes to the US House and Senate, and the result is the same as result from the Electoral College without the recounts, why do it?  The answer is to make Trump seem even more illegitimate, that he did not win the popular vote  (he lost by over 2.1 million), he did not win the Electoral College (did not reach 270), and was elected by being inserted into the presidency by members of his own party in Congress.

With this move, Democrats are literally just trying to make Trump’s life difficult as president before he even takes office. SHARE this story if you think Stein and Clinton should STOP this now and ACCEPT that Trump is their president!

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