Here’s The Trump Footage The Mainstream Media Is Trying To DELETE From The Internet

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The mainstream media has spent the last few months trying to villainize Donald Trump and make him look like a wealthy snob who can’t socialize with “common folk.” That’s why they’ve been desperately trying to hide this footage from the public…

Mad World News reported that during a Fayetteville, North Carolina rally this summer, Trump quietly took the time to stop by some local small businesses and speak with the owners. Along with Rudy Giuliani, Trump visited a small print shop owned by Kathy and Bruce Sykes and talked to them about the hardships they have faced, mostly due to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The Sykes were each very impressed with the attention Trump gave them as he listened to them talk about their struggles to keep their business afloat.

“The Tahoe pulled in front,” Bruce told The Fayetteville Observer. “The Secret Service got out. They secured the area, I’m assuming. Then they opened the door and in he walked. And he toured the store. He took the time to speak to every one of our employees. Shook their hand.”

“He was like – real direct … looking at you,” Kathy said. “He was very focused.”

“We talked a lot about Obamacare,” Bruce added. “We talked a lot about our military being reduced in size and how that affected our local economy here.” Bruce went on, “I said, ‘When they shrink this – our military, it don’t just hurt our defense capabilities, but it hurts our economy. Fort Bragg’s a big part of the Fayetteville economy.’”

Trump was genuinely stunned when he learned that the Sykes’ combined medical insurance costs more than doubled under Obamacare, and he was saddened to learn that they were forced to let employees go because of this.

THIS is the real Donald Trump, not the monster the media portrays him to be. SHARE this story so we can spread the REAL Donald Trump!

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