Here’s What Obama REALLY Did Minutes After Trump Won The Election

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Going into the presidential election, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton thought there was absolutely no chance she would lose to Donald Trump. That’s why they were both devastated on Election night when Trump came away with the victory.

Though Clinton was so upset that she refused to give a concession speech on the night of the election, she did call Trump to concede that he beat her. This week, The Hill reported that she never would have called him if it wasn’t for Obama.

Clinton’s team was reportedly hoping for a turn-around victory on the night of the election, which is why they sent out campaign chair John Podesta to tell supporters at her election party to go home because “we’re not going to have anything more to say tonight.”

“There was a lot of discussion about Michigan and Wisconsin and whether the numbers could flip it,” an anonymous source said, according to Conservative Tribune. The source added that it was only after Obama called her that Clinton conceded the election, and that she might not have done so if he had not pushed her too.

This shows once again just how cocky Democrats were going into the presidential election. SHARE this story if you are PROUD to have voted for Trump!

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