Hillary Clinton Gets Some AWFUL News IMMEDIATELY After Thanksgiving

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Hillary Clinton thought things couldn’t get any worse for her after she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. However, she just learned she hasn’t quite hit rock bottom yet…

Now, it looks like Clinton may FINALLY be held accountable for the many crimes she has committed.

There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is guilty of the many crimes she has been accused of, from Benghazi to her email server and pay-to-play politics with the Clinton Foundation.

As a gracious move, President-Elect Donald Trump has stated that he will not prosecute Hillary for these crimes, but former Attorney General John Ashcroft has a different take on what’s actually going to happen to Clinton.

Said Ashcroft, “I would hasten to mention, though, that it’s pretty well known that there are a number of other investigations regarding the Clinton Foundation.”

He added, “I don’t think that what the president-elect has said would foreclose following those investigations to an appropriate conclusion.”

Continued John, “And if they found that there was some sort of a prosecution or legal action that was merited there, I don’t think that what has been said today would foreclose action on those issues.”

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