Hillary Clinton’s Recount Movement Gets Some VERY Bad News

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Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton teamed up with Green Party candidate Jill Stein to call for a recount of votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Now, however, their recount movement has taken a major hit as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a mainstay of the Democratic Party, has spoken out against it.

Bizpac Review reported that Sanders poured a big bucket of water on the recount talks by basically saying that nobody cares about them. The senator added that he doesn’t expect any “profound change” in the election results from Stein’s movement.

“No one expects there to be profound change, but there’s nothing wrong with going through the process,” Sanders said on CNN’s State of the Union.

“I don’t think that Hillary Clinton — who got 2 million more voters than Mr. Trump in the popular election — thinks that it’s going to transform the election, but do people have a legal right to do it? Yeah, we do,” Sanders told host Dana Bash.

Sanders made similar comments to ABC host Martha Raddatz.

“The Democrats, Martha, are not doing the recount,” Sanders told her, according to Politico. “I trust that you know that was initiated by the Green Party, who has every right in the world to do it.”

“Well, of course they joined in,” Sanders said of the Clinton campaign’s participation. “We will see what happens. It’s a legal right. It’s not a big deal. I don’t think anybody, Secretary Clinton or anybody else, thinks that there’s going to be profound changes. And we will see what happens.”

With even Sanders against them, it looks like Clinton’s recount plans may not even get off the ground. SHARE this story if you think Clinton and Stein should GIVE UP and ACCEPT that Trump is their president!

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