Kenny Chesney Turns On Country Fans – Takes MASSIVE Stand For Beyonce

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Last week, we reported that millions of country fans were outraged after the race-baiting, anti-police Beyonce performed at the Country Music Awards. A clip of country star Kenny Chesney watching her perform with a scowl on his face went viral, as many country fans felt the exact same way.

IJ Review reported that while country fans applauded Chesney for his reaction to Beyonce, her liberal fans were fuming and immediately hit him with tons of backlash. Unfortunately, Chesney couldn’t take the heat, and he just spoke out to effectively apologize to Beyonce and her fans.

Here’s what Chesney had to say in a statement posted to his website:

“To him, the moment was supposed to be about acknowledging the music, the journey and especially the fans who’ve lived their lives in his songs. So to be told the following afternoon that there was a buzz about him dissing Beyonce, the 8-time Entertainer of the Year was astounded. With an interview with ABC completed, Kenny thought people who knew him at all would more than know, if anything, his serious expression was one of respect, a man knowing he was seeing a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

‘I love Beyonce… I loved her Super Bowl performance, her sense of how to make the music hit really hard – and give it drama when she’s onstage. The idea her fans were so quick to judge me, or know what I was thinking doesn’t feel like the woman I’ve always imagined Beyonce to be – and honestly, the people who love her music, either.

As someone who believes in the message of Spread the Love, we try to find the best in people – and in this case, that meant really watching the musicianship on that stage, as well as a guest in our format who’d written an incredible song. I am amazed and saddened this is the response my respect for her art gets.’”

We can understand that alienating loudmouth liberals can be scary for a musician, but we wish Chesney had stuck to his guns!

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