Liberal Punks Decide It’d Be Fun To Block Traffic – Get BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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In this video, an entitled Youtube prankster named Coby Persin decides it’d be fun to hold up traffic in New York City so that he can do a photoshoot. Unfortunately for Persin, he quickly learns he’s made a huge mistake…

Conservative Tribune reported that it all started when Persin parked a gold-painted $140,000 BMW i8 in the middle of 7th Avenue so that he could strike poses on the hood of the car with a friend for photos. The two proceeded to go through with the photoshoot despite the fact that they were being honked at relentlessly by drivers who were just trying to go about their days.

Finally, one driver who was stuck behind Persin’s vehicle had had enough, so he grabbed a baseball bat from the trunk of his car. He then approached Persin’s BMW and smashed the windshield of it with the bat, denting the extremely expensive vehicle.

Persin was seeking sympathy from his followers when he posted the footage online, but he ended up getting anything but that. Instead, he was slammed by Youtubers for being dumb enough to conduct a photoshoot in the middle of a busy street.

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