Obama Just Stabbed Trump In The Back Immediately Before Leaving Office

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A president typically makes moves in his final weeks in office to make life easier for the president-elect as he makes the transition to the White House. Barack Obama, however, is doing everything he can to stab Donald Trump in the back and make his transition as difficult for him as possible.

WND reported that a border patrol agent just came forward to reveal that an active smuggling route at the U.S. Southern border with Mexico will be largely abandoned by the government at the end of November. Even though he is well aware of Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration, Obama is using his final days in office to leave sections of our Southern border completely open for anyone to get through, including drug dealers and cartel members.

Mad World News reported that border patrol agents are inexplicably being removed from the area known as the as the “S2 route,” which is a two lane county road through a remote area of the border where over 900 illegal aliens have been arrested in this year alone.

“For basically the last year, we’ve been out there covering that route. Now we were told by the end of this month we’re not going to cover it anymore,” said an unnamed agent who used to patrol the route. “Nobody is going to be on this road.”

He said agents have no idea why they have been removed.

“Maybe there’s something being planned that I’m not aware of,” he added. “But I asked a supervisor what the plans are for this smuggling route and he said, ‘I’m not hearing anything.’ They know this is a major route, but so far, I’m not hearing anything.”

It should come as no surprise that Obama is trying to make things difficult for Trump, as he is still bitter that the president-elect beat Hillary Clinton. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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