People Noticed Something ODD About Obama’s White House – Look Closely

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly lectured the American people about the importance of diversity. That’s why many on both sides of the political spectrum are shocked by where Obama purchased his latest home.

According to Daily Caller, the Obamas bought their fifth home this week in Rancho Mirage, a small golf resort town near Palm Springs. The town is shockingly just 1.5 percent black and 88 percent white, meaning that Obama has chosen to live in a wealthy community over a diverse one.

Though Rancho Mirage is a town of only 17,218 people based on the 2010 census, it boasts 12 golf courses, making it a highly sought after golf location. Since Obama is obsessed with golf and will likely spent the majority of his post-presidency days on the course, it should come as no surprise that the family chose to move there.

In the latest census, 88.7 percent of the population was white, with 81.7 percent registering as non-Hispanic white. Only 1.5 percent of the local population is African American and less than half of a percent was Native American. Around 3.8 percent of the town is Asian and 11.4 percent is Hispanic or Latino. 

Frankly, it doesn’t get more white than that…

Clearly, the Obamas don’t actually give a hoot about diversity and helping out people of color. Instead, all they care about is playing golf and socializing with the rich and famous. SHARE this story if you can’t WAIT for them to leave the White House!

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