Sarah Palin Reveals Role She’ll Play In Trump’s Admin. – Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary

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Throughout the presidential election, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump who played a major role in his victory. Now, she is speaking out to discuss the role she’ll play in his government and also to sent a message to Hillary Clinton about what it REALLY means to be a proud woman.

“What they have created, unfortunately, is this message to little girls, young women, that they need Big Daddy Government to provide for them, that they’re incapable of providing for themselves, being independent, and pulling themselves up from the bootstraps and making it,” Palin said, according to Conservative 101. “That’s so unfortunate, and it’s the antithesis, really, of feminism and understanding equal rights. It’s just such a ruse. And yeah, Hillary’s been a part of that.”

When asked what role she’ll take in the Trump administration, Palin had a surprising response.

“I told Mr. Trump early, early on that I’m a believer that you don’t need a title, and you don’t need an office to make a difference,” she said. “I’m sincere. I told him that, and maybe he’s taking it absolutely literally, and I’m not offered a post – which, however it goes, is fine with me. I just voted for him to be the leader of the free world, our President, so I trust him to build a team that works for him.”

You can listen to Palin’s full interview here:

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