Sean Hannity ANNIHILATES Megyn Kelly – Takes MASSIVE Stand For Trump

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Over the past year, Fox News host Sean Hannity has been attacked and mocked by his colleagues for supporting Donald Trump, since most of them thought the GOP candidate had a chance of beating Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, however, it was Hannity who got the last laugh when Trump won the election handily.

American News reported that unlike his colleagues like Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera, Hannity refused to ditch Trump and was rewarded with a massive increase in ratings. He’s still not willing to back down, even after the liberal outrage over the election, and he just broke his silence to reveal how he was REALLY treated at Fox as a Trump supporter.

“My bosses have only given me nothing but support and appreciation for the high ratings I get,” Hannity commented. “As far as my colleagues? I don’t mean this to be disrespectful, but I don’t care what they think. They’ve got their role, and I’ve got mine.”

Clearly, Hannity was disrespected by colleagues like Megyn Kelly, who thought she was above Trump and his supporters. Now that Trump is president, however, Hannity is safe at Fox, and Kelly’s position there is uncertain.

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