Sean Hannity Just Delivered EPIC JUSTICE to Nasty Megyn Kelly

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Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly each handled this past presidential election very differently. While Hannity braved backlash to support Donald Trump the entire time, Kelly submitted to liberals by repeatedly attacking the GOP presidential nominee in the hopes of appealing to mainstream audiences.

Now, one of these strategies has paid off in a big way.

Daily Mail reported that the New York Rich list was published today, and it revealed that Hannity made more money than any other news host in the past year with a whopping $29 million. Kelly came in far behind him with only $12 million, as Hannity made even more than fellow Fox host Bill O’Reilly, who took home $18 million.

Hannity beat out his next contender on the list, mainstream media darling Matt Lauer, by $6 million, as the Today Show host brought in $22 million.

It should come as no surprise that Kelly lost out to Hannity so badly, considering the fact that she has alienated Fox News viewers with her frequent attacks on Trump. At one point, Kelly and Hannity even got into a feud with each other over the latter’s Trump support. When Kelly whined that the then-GOP presidential nominee typically sticks to pro-Trump interviewers like Hannity, the Hannity host fired back, “u should be mad at @HillaryClinton. Clearly you support her.”

Even after Kelly’s massive decline in ratings due to her Trump attacks, she still had the nerve to demand that Fox renew her contract and pay her $20 million a year. Nice try, Megyn, but it’s clear that that will NOT be happening anytime soon!

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