Texas Lawmakers Draw Up Bill That Would Make Attacking Police Officers A Hate Crime

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Ever since Barack Hussein Obama took office and turned his back on police officers, attacks on American cops have increased at a very alarming rate. Now, Texas lawmakers are trying to combat this with a new bill that would make attacking a police officer or a first responder a hate crime.

“We’re going to ask that it become an emergency legislative item for the governor so that as soon as we get to Austin in January, we pass it right away, make it law right away,” said Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba, according to Fox News.

If this legislation is passed, it would toughen the penalties for attacking a police officer, firefighter, or any other emergency personnel. This proposal was introduced after last Sunday’s shocking murder of a San Antonio police officer, who was shot dead while writing a traffic ticket.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for lawmakers to draw up a bill like this one last July, after a sniper gunned down five cops in Dallas. The Officer Down Memorial Page states that 58 police officers have been shot dead this year alone, and seven the victims have been in Texas.

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