The Supreme Court Just Gave Trump Some AMAZING News

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The Supreme Court gave Donald Trump some very good news on Monday when they gave poll-watchers supporting him permission to staff polling places across the battleground state of Ohio in the hopes of averting or reporting a “rigged” election.

“Make sure everything is on the up and up,” Trump has told his supporters in urging them to be alert to voter fraud, according to Western Journalism. “So go to your place and vote. And go pick some other place and go sit there with your friends and make sure it’s on the up and up. Because you know what, that’s a big, big problem in this country and nobody wants to talk about it.”

Grassroots groups in many states responded to Trump’s call in a big way.

The Supreme Court’s decision came days after a federal judge agreed with objections from Ohio Democrats that “the Trump campaign has sought to encourage supporters monitor polling places on Election Day and to act in ways that might intimidate voters,” the Washington Times reported.

Republicans appealed, and a three-judge panel from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s ruling on Sunday. This led to the Supreme Court’s Monday decision to deny the Ohio Democratic Party’s request to bar Trump’s supporters.

Writing on Allen B. West, Associate Editor Michelle Jesse wrote that she knows voter fraud exists.

“I have heard stories from trusted family and friends who have been officially on duty as poll watchers who have seen busloads of people being brought in to vote and being ‘vouched for’ en masse. This is just one example of things that may not appear on the ‘up and up,’” she wrote.

“No one — certainly not Trump and his campaign — are suggesting intimidation of voters of any kind. How does simply observing — keeping one’s eyes open and alert to irregular activity — ‘intimidate’ or ‘suppress’ voters? Unless they mean, perhaps, it suppresses illegal voters — who indeed might be hindered by observers watching for improper activity,” Jesse continued.

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