Trump Did Something Last Night That Obama Would NEVER Be Able To Do…

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Throughout the presidential election, liberals often said that Donald Trump would never follow through on his promises to “Make America Great Again.” What he announced last night, however, proves that he has every intention of bringing greatness back to our nation.

The Daily Caller reported that Trump has officially reached a deal with Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in the United States instead of outsourcing them to Mexico.

Carrier, a manufacturer of air conditioners, first came to national attention earlier this year, when a video of the company’s employees reacting to the news they were getting laid off went viral. Their jobs were being moved to Mexico in the hopes of saving Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, tens of millions of dollars in labor costs.

Touched by the video, Trump promised to keep the Carrier jobs in the U.S. if he were elected.

“It’s not like we have an 80 percent chance of keeping them or a 95 percent. One-hundred percent,” Trump said at an Indianapolis rally in April.

Trump spent Thanksgiving negotiating a deal with Carrier to keep some of the jobs in U.S., and it paid off last night. Thanks to Trump, around 1,000 of the 2,000 Carrier jobs that were going to be outsourced will now stay in the U.S. Vice president-elect and outgoing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence reportedly spearheaded the deal, which will officially be announced by Trump when he visits the state on Thursday.

Carrier also confirmed the deal.

This shows that unlike other politicians, Trump really cares about American jobs and has every intention of following through with his campaign promises. SHARE this story if you are PROUD to support Donald Trump!

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